Boult Audio Launched new Four TWS Earbuds in India

Boult Audio offers audio products in the Indian market, including a wide range of wired and wireless earphones, headphones and even soundbars. Boult Audio has launched four new TWS Earbuds in India: FreePods, ProPods, MuseBuds and PowerBuds.

Boult Audio FreePods:

The Boult FreePods have a stem style design. It is available in three colour options, Red, White, and Black. The earbuds have a battery life of 15 hours. It takes 2 hours to fully charge. It will come with IPX7-rating.

Boult Audio ProPods:

The Boult ProPods also have a stem style design. The ProPods are available in Black and White colour options. It will sport a Wake up and Pair feature, touch controls, and low-latency for lag-free audio especially while gaming. It can offer a total charge time of 21 hours. The ProPods are capable of 5.5 hours of playback. Also, the case can charge the earbuds 4 times completely. It will also come with IPX5 rating for sweat and water-resistant

The Boult Audio ProPods and FreePods offers goods sound quality and has a stylish design. Also, the devices support Bluetooth 5.0.

Boult Audio PowerBuds:

These earbuds have a touch sensor for call functions and changing music. The case of the Powerbuds earbuds can also be used to reverse-charge other devices. They also come with IPX7 water-resistant.

Boult Audio MuseBuds:

These earbuds are aimed for fitness enthusiasts and have an ear clip design. This helps the MuseBuds to stay in place while working out. They are capable of 18-hours of continuous playback with the case.

Prices and Availability:

  • Boult Audio FreePods are available exclusively on Flipkart and costs Rs. 1,799.
  • Boult Audio MuseBuds are available on both Flipkart and Amazon and costs Rs. 1,999.
  • Boult Audio ProPods are available exclusively on Amazon and costs Rs. 2,499.
  • Boult Audio PowerBuds are also available on Flipkart and Amazon and costs Rs 2,799.
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The company has tried to offer different prices keeping in mind the different segment of customers. The Boult FreePods are the most budget friendly TWS earbuds amongst the four headphones while the ProPods are most expensive. The Boult Audio MuseBuds and PowerBuds are aimed towards health lovers. Also, they offer a better IP rating.

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