Black-Owned Businesses are easy to find now: Thanks to Google

Black Lives Matter! We’ve been hearing this for quite a while now. Google is one of those who support this statement strongly. This tech-giant pledged last month to support the black community and now it’s making it so easy for buyers to IDENTIFY Black-Owned businesses through search-listing or maps and support them together. We must say it’s such a wonderful gesture by Google! Now, whenever you search for business either via or Google Maps you will see a new icon beside the Black-Owned business profile. This new icon is just made for blacks and it’s a black heart over an orange three stripped background.

Merchants based in the US can simply make themselves identified through this new feature introduced by Google. But only those businesses which verify themselves will be able to enjoy this privilege. For the verification process, firstly they need to claim themselves on Google and then verify by email or phone number (we cannot tell you the exact procedure though). So, after the verification, they will be awarded this wonderful badge which will be highlighted with other attributes of the business in their profile.

This is not the first time when Google has done something amazing like this and has made the beneficiary to become independent of it. Let me remind you, back in 2018, Google introduced badges for women-led and LGTBQ+ friendly businesses. That gesture by Google was also well-appreciated. With this badge, the Black-Owned Businesses can proudly flaunt their work and present their offerings through these attributes. Another startling impact of these attributes is that the customers can see them just by searching the business on or Google maps. This will make their buyers or customers feel at ease to visit and support these businesses.

It has been observed that the people have this WANT to support the black community for a few months and they are always ready to stand with them whole-heartedly. One of Google’s business listing competitors Yelp has revealed that there were almost 2.5 million searches for Black-Owned Businesses from May 25th to July 10th.  Keeping every important aspect in view, Google has taken this step by teaming up with the US Black Chambers, Inc, which spreads awareness about this new attribute and supports Black-Owned businesses through initiatives and resources.

Just assigning the badges is not where Google ends its responsibility, in fact, it does other good things too. Google and US Black Chambers, Inc. guide and train the owners of Black Business on how to get them identified on search engines and make them well-versed with My Business and Analytics. Wait, this is not the end, there’s more praise to do. Along with all these steps taken by Google, it has also decided to contribute $175 million to help Black Businesses and their workers to find employment opportunities and growth. Also, Google has taken the initiative to train twelve black founders on technical challenges, outside investment opportunities, and business growth. Surely a great and wise move by Google.


Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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