Best ways to take a screenshots in your Mac

Do you remember when we used to take notes just to recollect everything and show it to others? But who does that now? This is not the era of taking notes, in fact, this is the time when we take screenshots to capture whatever we want on our screen. Taking a screenshot is really a vital task as you can share with others whatever the crazy or important stuff you see. Screenshots are not just for fun in fact, it can be revolutionary to get your work done quickly. If you’re looking for how to take a screenshots in Mac, MacBook, iMac or any Mac devices, here we have best ways to do this.

Well, if you are a MacBook or Mac Pro user and your work requires taking frequent screenshots, then we present you the complete guide for how to take screenshots easily. Basically, all you have to know are three simple keyboard shortcuts and the fourth one applies if you are a MacBook user with a touch bar. This guide is not just about taking screenshots, but also what we can do with them once they are taken. We must appreciate the tools Apple has created to save, delete, and open screenshots for markup. Have a careful look at these steps and enjoy taking screenshots in your Mac

1. Command-Shift-3

screenshots in mac

If you’re working on something that requires taking a shot of your entire screen, then you can use this command. All you have to do is to press Command-Shift-3, quite easy?

2. Shift-Command-4

screenshots in mac

This command makes it easy for you to capture portions of your Mac screen. You can simply use this command which turns your cursor into a crosshair. Drag this cursor and select whichever portion of your screen you want to capture. Now, you have to release the mouse button to take your shot.

This command gives you more options, and they are:

Pressing and holding the space bar: As we mentioned above, you have to drag the cursor to select portions of the screen. Now before releasing the mouse button, press and hold the space bar. You use it especially in those cases where your initial selection area is off by a few pixels. It helps you to reposition the portion on your screen. Now you can release the mouse button to take a screenshot.

Pressing and releasing the space bar: When you turn your cursor into a crosshair, you can move over to any window. You can select whichever window you want to capture. Screenshot done by this method leaves a white border around the window.

3. Shift-Command-5 (This is a brand new command)

screenshots in mac

Now there is an app to save your screenshots as PNG files in a recent version on macOS (Mojave and Catalina). When you use this command, you will see the first three buttons from the left. Wondering what these buttons do? These buttons let you take the screenshot of the entire screen or specific window or an outlined selection of the screen. Coming to the next two buttons, what do they do? These buttons help you capture videos of all parts of your screen. After this, you will get an “Option Button”. This button lets you decide where you want to save your screenshot. When you’re done doing this, you can simply click on the Capture Button present at the right end of the command bar.

So whenever you face any problem while taking screenshots in Mac, go through this guide. I’m sure the process will become easy-breezy.

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