Best Free Responsive Blogger Template 2020

Blogging is a best idea to represent your skills, information, feelings, knowledge for other people. Blogger is a oldest blogging platform and it is still active on internet world. Blogger is running for past 16 year and it has millions users and it is provides a web platform in which people can share their idea through web. There are many other option to share your idea but blogger is most efficient way because it is a product of google and they provides high security and quality to user. The reason behind to use blogger is that user can get high page loading speed and google’s server runs 24*7 and main reason is you don’t need to pay for domain and content hosting. Here you will get best free responsive blogger template that you can use in 2020.

For making your blog reliable and responsive then you must have some responsive templates. There are many free templates available but here we are suggesting 5 best free responsive blogger templates, they all they are desktop responsive as well as mobile responsive. If you don’t know that how to set a custom template for your blog then follow the steps

  • 1. Download the template file
  • 2. Then open .xml file into Notepad or any other software
  • 3. Copy all code
best free responsive blogger template
  • 4. Go-to your blogger account and select your blog and then go into theme section
best free responsive blogger template
  • 5. Click on Edit HTML and then remove all existing code and paste new code and click on Save Theme.
best free responsive blogger template

You have successfully changed your blogger template. And here below we are suggesting 5 best free responsive blogger template and it is absolutely free of cost.

1. OnePress

OnePress template is one of the best responsive template and it is also mobile responsive and SEO friendly. You can get easily Google Adsense approval after using this template. You can also set responsive advertisement on your blog by using OnePress.

OnePress Templates

OnePress offers side-bar at right end side of your blog, here you can set some latest post, your social media handle like follow-us, you can also set latest comments. This template also shows some post related Tag and Categories. OnePress is also offers Dark theme of the templates but you want to pay for this.

2. WriteUp

WriteUp template is also a mobile responsive template and user can easily interact with your site, this make your site as simple as possible with lots-of features. In the top of the page you can set your website logo and description and some social media handles. After that you can set a menu bar here, you can list all of your page here.

WriteUp templates

This template shows some of your random post in top of the blogs, this post will change automatically after some times and after that your recent post will be show with thumbnails and short description. In the side-bar you can set random post, responsive advertisement, social engaging, recent comments, article related tags, email subscription etc. Because of responsive templates you can get Google Adsense approval easily.

3. NewsPaper 9

NewsPaper 9 is most favorite template of blogger because it is most responsive template. If you have some news and photography kind of content in your blog then you must install this theme because here you can set trending section in which you can post some trending post. If you have sub categories in your blog then your article will shows category wise in main page.

NewsPaper 9 templates

Here in the side bar section you can set Recent Post, Popular Post, Recent Comments, Social Media Handle, Google Ads etc. In the footer area you can set some kind of article tags and categories. You also can post your blog logo here and create a About Us, Contact Us, Follow Us section.

4. Frameify

Frameify is most simple and responsive template which is used for Business Blogs, Health Tips Blogs, Technology Blog, Science Blog and many more. Here you might be miss some graphic designing because this theme is made for those user who wants to make their blog as simple as possible.

Frameify Templates

In the top of your page can set your blog logo and description and some advertisement content, in menu bar you can create menu of your page to make easy interaction with viewers. In the main section your latest post will be shown, here users can see author of the post, total comment count and continue reading link. You can set your social media page link at side bar section. You also can create Popular Post, Latest Post, Latest Comments section.

5. Magify

Magify is also most responsive template for blogger it is also responsive for mobile, you also can post responsive advertisement in your blogs. In the top of the blog section you can post your blog logo and create page menu for describe your content. In the page header bar you can set advertisement banner over here. If your blog has lots-of category then you must use this template.

Magify Templates

In the top of your home page you can set your post category wise. You also can create a section for latest post. You also can create a search icon in right side of menu bar, here viewer can search your posts. In sidebar you can create section like Follow Us, Latest Post, Popular Post, Comments, Post relates Tags and much more.

You can also post your blog description at footer section of your page as well as your blog logo. We hope you like our 5 best free responsive blogger template for your blog

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