Best Fortnite Alternatives that you SHOULD play

Ask any gamer out there about Fortnite, there is NO chance you hear they don’t like it. Fortnite has been overpowering the gaming world and ruling over gamers’ minds since the day it’s introduced. Well, beyond the shadow of a doubt, Fortnite is drawing power FOR A REASON. Its amazing graphics and multiple modes are worth the attraction. But don’t you want to go off the wall and spice up your gaming experience a little more? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Recently, Apple and Google have removed Fortnite from the App Store and Play Store, so here we have the best alternatives of Fortnite that you should definitely check out.

Here are some Best alternatives to Fortnite, have a look:

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We can say Counter-Strike can truly be an alternative to Fortnite. This amazing first-person shooter video game absolutely hits the jackpot. But, the gameplay of Counter-Strike is quite different from Fortnite. Let me explain how this game actually works!

Basically there are two teams, one is terrorists and the other is counter-terrorists, both will be the challengers for each other. All you have to do is to bump off the opposite team along with accomplishing other goals. If you play from the terrorists’ side, you will have to set the bombs and defend the hostages. And if you play from the opposite team, you have to find the bombs, defuse them, and rescue the hostages. This game has 9 modes which make it even more entrancing.

I’d suggest you to go try this one right now!  It’s completely free.

2. PUBG Mobile / PC

Who doesn’t know about this game? Even if you are an enthusiastic player or “Not so interested” in games, you must have tried this one and undoubtedly PUBG is more zealous than Fortnite. Its amazing battle royale mode has top-level graphics and it provides you player-versus-player battle royale for up to 100 players. It’s perfectly your pick, whether you want to play it all by yourself, with a partner, or with your squad (you can add 4 members in your squad).

The icing on the cake is its different battlegrounds. PUBG offers you 4 different battlegrounds to enrich your experience and these are legit hard challenges as compared to Fortnite (it means more fun, right?). Just make your killer plans and go on ruling over these battlegrounds. The stirring Zombie Mode in PUBG again differentiates it from Fortnite in a positive way.

3. Warframe

There is no way this game can disappoint you! Warframe amazes you with its co-operative action-role play and third-person shooter gamer. Creating your own customized character by making the most of Warframe is definitely a window of opportunity for you. Although this feature is quite similar to the avatar feature in Fortnite, trust me this one is fun too. Warframe provides a pool of weapons to make you all set for the battle. This game revolves around various planets, yes you get to complete missions across the moon and other planets (exciting!).

You get smashing rewards after the successful completion of a mission just like you get in Fortnite. All and all I would say you won’t miss Fortnite once you get your hands on this game.

4. Overwatch

If you are really into intense-battles then you can pick Overwatch even with your eyes shut tight. Its first-person shooter feature keeps you thrilled throughout and there is no chance you can get a sigh of relief until you win the battle. Basically, this game revolves around two teams each having six players. Just work with your team, make strategies, and safeguard control points.

The amazing part is, this game has more than 30 characters, each having an exceptional style (browny points!). The way you escort a payload in a limited time makes this game even more thrilling.

So, now you know the best alternatives to Fortnite, go try now!

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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