Become a Digital Artist with these Amazing Drawing and Painting Software

No matter if you are a trained artist or an amateur, you still need the perfect software to show off your creativity and glorify your skills. Digital artist is not someone who simply takes a photograph and edits it, in fact, he/she is the one who MAKES the photograph using his expertise. Art or Drawing software is their companion using which these artists can bring creativity to their life.

Let us introduce you to some of the best Drawing and Painting Software 2020:

1. Adobe Photoshop

No doubt Adobe has ruled the designing software since forever and if you are a true artist you just cannot ignore Photoshop CC. With an abundance of cloud-based tools, Photoshop helps you amplify your illustrations, photos, and 3D visuals. This software does multiple tasks and you can actually spread your creativity to whichever area you want. Along with editing the pictures, you can create your own logos, banners, websites, packaging, and whatnot. For your help, Photoshop has a bunch of alluring templates to make the designing easy-breezy for you.  Also, you have this amazing animation and print-style options where you can turn images into paintings.

Photoshop bears a bunch of prices and it depends on you what all features you like to purchase with it. The basic price is for the photography level that costs you $9.99/Rs 747 per month. You get 20GB cloud storage and Adobe Lightroom CC in this package.

2. Rebelle

Rebelle definitely gets a brownie point as it is developed by a pro artist Peter Blaskovic and is one of the most adaptable drawing and painting applications. If you are a fan of watercolors, acrylic colors then this application was definitely made for you. Using this application, you can work on watercolors, wet and dry media artwork, and acrylic colors. This program has no complications, it’s smooth-sailing features let you create your masterpiece super easily. You can use realistic color blending, drying techniques as well as wet diffusion. The amazing part is, you can tilt the canvas you are working on, and also you can use tools like pencil, eraser, and markers.  

Rebelle offers you a demo version first and then you can purchase it for $71.99/Rs 5,385.

3. Corel Painter

You must have heard this name before, right? Corel Painter is famous for its “thick-paint” feature and it is useful for everyone, from designers to painters to students. You can smoothly daub this thick-paint onto your digital canvas and then blend to create the marvelous designs. Corel Painter is available for you on both Windows and Mac. You can select from a number of amazing paint brushes and palettes, also you can create your own.

The rates for Corel Painter differ but it’s basic price is $400/Rs 29,918.

4. ArtRage               

The best part about ArtRage is you don’t have to depend on your system as this application is also available on your iOS and Android devices. This application offers you a bundle of amazing features like pens, pencils, painting brushes, transform filters, layers, custom brushes, and much more. ArtRage also gives you a number of support options such as tutorials, manuals, etc.

The desktop version of ArtRage comes in full as well as the lite version, it’s up to you what to choose. The full version costs you $79/Rs 5,908 and the lite version costs just half of it.

Although there are many other drawing and painting software, these are A MUST try.

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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