Battlegrounds Mobile India lets you drive a Tesla Model Y

After returning from the dead Battlegrounds Mobile India is firing on all cylinders. The developers are keeping on adding new content to the game through updates. And what did Krafton do special this time? Well, they added the Tesla Model Y to the game. Players can now drive Tesla’s Model Y in-game. This is pretty incredible considering how rarely action games get rights to put in car manufacturers in their game. Krafton made this possible with the help of its ongoing partnership with Tesla.

Well, the Model Y is not the only addition to this update. Krafton has also added the Tesla Gigafactory at four locations in the Battlegrounds Mobile India, which players can visit and explore. Players can see how a Model Y is produced in the factory as Krafton has also integrated the entire manufacturing process of the Tesla Model Y into the game. And, of course, after the car is ready, the players can take it for a spin and also experience the car’s notorious autopilot feature in-game. The developers have also added a Tesla Semi to the game. Tesla Semi is a transit truck developed by Tesla. It can be found at random locations on the map, and players can damage it and loot the container of the Semi for supplies.

This addition to the game is pretty crazy and would delight many Tesla lovers & Car lovers in India. Plus, it also provides an immersive experience by adding the Gigafactory and the entire manufacturing process. It’s the small details in this update that make it an intriguing addition to the game.

The new update will also bring in Mission Ignition mode, which will add six significant locations, functioning as research and energy facilities, on the Erangel map. Additionally, BMI will also get new gameplay elements that can enhance the combat style of the game. These elements include patrol robots, information collectors, and a Hyperline that can swiftly transport players around the map. These new additions with the Ignition Mode are futuristic and provide a fresher experience for the players.

BMI is also getting many user experience upgrades. Some of them include: Players can now tune the Third Person Camera, the ammo indicators in the game are more helpful, and gyroscope sensitivity can be changed. The game will also be providing more support for low-end phones by introducing a graphical feature that can go lower than the current lowest ‘smooth’ option. And the game will also support higher refresh rates up to 90Hz.

Concludingly, some new additions to the game also include new weapons. The game will be getting an MG3, a light machine gun that can range up to 6X. This will be available in classic mode and can be found on all maps except Karakin. A slight change also changes the accessibility of the M249, which can be found directly on the map now. Contrary to it being exclusive to airdrops.

The new update looks packed and has many players around India excited. Especially for the new addition of Tesla’s Model Y and how people can play around with the exotic electric SUV in-game.

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