Battlegrounds Mobile India latest updates, features and launch date

The game developer Krafton had posted the teaser for the new PUBG Mobile India. Yesterday the teaser was posted on Facebook and other social media handles. From the last 18th of may onwards PUBG Mobile’s Indian version is available for pre-registration. After pre-registration, the players will get free rewards. Pre Registration is through the Google Play store. At this point, Battlegrounds Mobile India has yet to be officially released; however, certain features have been revealed. The Battlegrounds Mobile India release is expected to take place on June 18.

Users must click on the pre-register button on the Google Play Store to pre-register for the game. And incentives will be automatically available to claim when the game launches, according to Krafton. The game will be offered on mobile devices as a free-to-play experience.  

PUBG Mobile is hosting season 19 at this level. The latest Updates related to PUBG mobile are the new Avatar and new name. Changes included in the official title, include age restrictions, re-designed gameplay. However, neither Battlegrounds Mobile India nor PUBG Mobile India has a download link yet. The game will be similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay, but with less brutality, privacy, and security, among other things. Reports state that certain images show tanks with the name “Erangle” that look like tanks previously shown in PUBG Mobile under the map name “Erangel.”

Before its complete ban, the game was known as “PUBG Mobile India.” But, PUBG’s developer renamed it “Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to the official website of PUBG Mobile India, this update has been discovered in the source code. PUBG Mobile was prohibited in India by the Indian government in September 2020, therefore only PC gamers may legally play the game in the country. The existence of Tencent, a Chinese company, is the reason why PUBG Mobile India was banned. Tencent was removed from the list of entities when the ban was announced, and PUBG Mobile worked hard to guarantee that the App seemed to have no Chinese affiliations. 



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