Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release date: Here’s everything you need to know

PUBG, after being banned in India last year has finally made it back, Krafton has finally launched the game after being on hold for 9 months with the name Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). PUBG had a huge fan base and some of the fans are filled with joy by the return of their favourite game. However, some users are still under the cloud of grief. The reason behind the sadness is that Battlegrounds Mobile India is only available for Android Users and has not yet launched for iOS users.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally arrived in the country officially for the Android users, the game marked its existence this month on the 2nd. Previously, Krafton announced the release and began pre-registrations of the game BGMI exclusively launched for Indian users in May. The pre-registration only turned up for Android users and so has the officially released game. Krafton so far has not said anything about releasing the Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS users and henceforth we cannot say if the arrival is soon.

Various leaks suggested that the game will come out for iOS users when it gets officially released for Android users but it has been a couple of days since the release but the game has not shown up in the App store. There was another leak that said that the game is likely to be launched for iOS users on the 6th of July but sadly it wasn’t the case either.  

Android users can download the game by visiting the Play Store then searching for Battlegrounds Mobile India and then by tapping on the install button they can enjoy the most admired game of all time. 

iOS users could not even access the Beta version of the game and there is no confirmation on when the game might show up in the App Store. Even though most of the streamers and competitive gaming champions prefer iOS for better performance the game has yet not arrived for iOS. This suggests that iOS users need to keep patience for a few more days until the next update pops up.

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