Are Google Pixel Foldable Phones real or just a Prototypes?

Foldable phones are being launched by many companies now. Be it Motorola Razr, Microsoft surface duo or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, new foldable phones are entering the market now and then. These phones are not a necessity at all but it is something you would want to show off if you get your hands on it. In 2019, CNET, said that Google might be working on a foldable technology. They believed that the company might be bringing this technology to Google Pixel Foldable soon. Google’s reply to this was that they were only “prototyping this tech.” The head at that time added,

“Right now, you don’t need to have a foldable. It’s kind of a ‘nice-to-have.’” 

Mario Queiroz, Google Head 2019

Google Pixel Foldable 

This “prototype” might be entering the market in a year. According to a document found by 9to5google, words such as, ““raven,” “oriole,” and “passport,” were found. Those who are inclined towards Google news might know that Google never uses the exact word in the document but a word that is similar to what their device is about.  

It is assumed that “raven” and “oriole” could be Pixel 6 models. Whereas, the “passport” could be an early hint that a Pixel foldable smartphone might be coming to us soon. These phones are labelled to launch in the last quarter of 2021, so there are no official announcements yet. (As smartphone companies generally announce their new products just a month or two prior to their launch.)

Talking about foldable phones in general, not a lot of people would want a foldable phone to be logical. This is because they are very costly, and the use is almost zero unless you would spend 1 and a half lakh rupees for a tablet and a phone in one device when you can buy both separately for less than 1 lakh. Also, . It is presumed that almost every brand will be launching foldable phones. But again, people are smart enough to not spend their fortune on such a device and rather invest on something better. Therefore, according to Business Insider, they said that foldable phones would only account 5% of the sales by 2023 

When we come to Google specifically, it is pretty late to enter the market of foldable phones. By the end of 2021, Samsung would have outgone Google, improving its flaws from its last models and introducing better features while Google will be holding its first model of the foldable Pixel. So, this is quite worrying here. 

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