Apple’s iPhone 12 will not support the Dual sim-mode with 5G services

iPhone 12 is indeed one of the most awaited models of the series by Apple. Well, the latest news of the brand made many awaiting users take a step back. The brand confirms that it will support 5G networks, but if you are planning to use your iPhone 12 on a dual-mode, then it will not support the need. The issue was brought up highly and was later confirmed by an internal Apple training document.

iPhone 12 not compatible for 5G services in Dual Sim mode:

Dual sim compatible phone users were increasing, so Apple came up with iPhone XR series which supported the demand. From that XS and XS, Max was launched including the iPhone 12 series which were compatible for dual sim. They also were designed to mode along with 5G support. According to the document, 5G data is not supported in the model. Thus the line will come at the level of 4G LTE. The news stated that buyers going for this model would have to disable their 5G sim card to get the 5G services.

iPhone 12 5G problem

Apple denies from opening up about the upcoming plan:

Now indeed the issue was spotted very clearly. However, Apple has not commented on the fixes or delivery of the model. Initially, it was set that iPhone 12 and Pro will be available in India from October 30. Talking about the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max they were set to be on sale from November 13. The price of this series will begin from 69,900. Buyers who all are using eSIM or are on a 5G supported service pack will indeed have access to 5G service.

News concerning Apple is that it might come with a fix for the issue. The solution will be available around the end of the year. However, there has not been any legit official statement made by the well-renowned brand yet. Neither Apple has been responding to the requests for commenting on the upcoming solutions regarding the issue yet. The only hope to get the model and the 5G services simultaneously is to go for an eSim. Buyers will have to remove the physical sim card for practical usage.

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