Apple WWDC Event 2021 ended, here are the key declarations made

The keynote from the WWDC event 2021 is what to hope for from Apple regarding the software products. The WWDC 2021 held on the night of the 7th of June 2021, the keynote began with a movie by app designers. The main focus of the keynote was to predict for the users what they should expect Apple to launch next; an iOS, watchOS or macOS.

iOS 15 WWDC 2021

The keynote commenced by introducing the iOS 15 with updated features on FaceTime. They discussed the new features they will be adding to FaceTime and how people will be able to play music and pull it up on the call. The notifications occurrence will be changed and will compete with WhatsApp to build more social networks.

Then they talked about the additional multitasking features that are to be implemented in iPadOS. Apple is also planning to add widgets and the app library to the iPad. Apple also mentioned the Cloud+ facility which will be purchased by the subscription and will ensure more of the user’s privacy. iPadOS 15 will have whole new hardware.

macOS 12 Monterey

If we talk about the macOS, Apple has planned to enhance the performance of the Safari, provide universal control in the macOS 12 Monterey and much more. With universal control, they are intending to provide users with the custody of iPads and macs by using just one trackpad and keyboard. There are also some statements related to the Apple watchOS 8. The health app is getting modified and with more creativity, they are redesigning the Photos App. With no additional charges from the user’s side, Apple is going to send these to its Music streaming services.

There are also a series of changes added to the tvOS and the users will be introduced to a new version. For a better visual and sound experience, there are various enhancements done. The change will be made to stand side by side with the new Apple TV 4K. This new TV was launched in April this year and the changes will be made to make the tvOS better as the 4K.

Home will be coming as the new OS to connect the devices at home. This new device is the treatment for devices like the HomePod which requires the connection of the devices like the iPad, iPhone etc. Apple might also stun users with the MacBook Pro next-generation models. They will be flatter than before and about 14-16 inches. Apple might also open up about the Headset which is rumored to come up in 2022 with LiDAR and ToF sensors. This mixed reality headset is thought to be priced at around $3000.

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