Apple will shift iPhone production from China to India

Currently apple has five iPhone production unit all over the world according to source. Fifth iPhone production unit currently working in china but Apple wants shift from china and start iPhone production in India.

The reason behind this is apple wants reduce their dependency on production over the china and also American governments want this as well. This is great news for India because if Apple starts production of iPhone in Indian then iPhone price will decrease and more people can afford it.

According to Economic Times, Apple plans to produce up to $40 billion worth of iPhones in India. Apple iPhone indian market is nearly $1.5 billion now and rest of iPhone will be exported to other countries.

iphone production in india

Apple’s senior executives and top ranking government officials are planning over the last few months. They are trying lots of things to shift production from China to India. If this happens, the iPhone maker could become largest exporter in world.


Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme of the Indian Government designed to incentive foreign companies to start manufacture in India and especially in export but some scheme condition are problematic to Apple.

But there is a problem for Apple that the entire and machinery already in use in its plants across China and other places at 40% of that value.

They will look into all the concerns as the center is focused on bringing hi-tech manufacturing to India.

-Government Officials

Apple will able to apply this formally to the scheme next week for take some advantage. The incentives will apply from 1st August.

This is fastest ever planning to execution undertaken by the Indian Government.

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