Apple will replace defective AirPods Pro for free

Some of the AirPods Pro earbuds show some significant drawbacks which are getting reported now widely. Not much, but a small number of people are complaining about the sound effects developed in. The units have proved to be faulty, and all these affected units have tracked to produce before October 2020. It defines that all these faulty units sold last year and this year until October have audio problems. Now, Apple comes up with a new campaign called “AirPods Pro Replacement Programme” that will allow to replace defective AirPods Pro freely that have some sound issues.

Apple on the news about AirPods Pro defective unit free Replace Programme:

As the complaints were increasing, Apple came up with a solution to sort out the problem. For now, the well-renowned brand will freely replace the affected AirPods with news ones for all the users that faced audio problems. Also, if the condition can be fixed, then it will solve the issue, and these come under the service Program by the brand. Apple announced that this new programme would take care of only AirPods pro on its support site. The programme services are provided globally, but it will not extend the warranty initially available on the earbuds.

The audio defects were reported, especially when people tried to listen in loud surroundings or while exercising. Some even found defects while attending a call. AirPods Pro units might have Active Noise Cancellation functionality and bass loss if you are in a very crowded area. If these are the defects under the programme, your earbuds will be serviced or replaced freely. However, according to the programmes’ description, the case is not covered and will not be serviced as the case is not affected. However, if you have AirPods of any other model facing the same faults and have a similar problem with them, they will not be taken care of by Apple. It claims only AirPods Pro has a manufacturing defect so that it will be repaired under the programme services.

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