Apple will release the cheapest MacBook ever in years

Apple is going to release the cheapest MacBook ever with their own processors which they refer to as Apple Silicon. Apple is doing good in some way by cutting down prices on their products.

We all know that Apple’s products cost higher than others in the market and to few it might seem unnecessary. But now in this time of pandemic in the world, Apple is going to release the MacBook for much lesser cost than the previous ones. This might be because of putting their own processors in it that will reduce cost to them in some way.

This is very good news for those who would want to update their old macs with the new ones for their office work in the WORK FROM HOME period. All these days Apple did not majorly update their Macs with too many innovative features. The reason we thought is that they are saving it for their Macs with Apple Silicon.

Now let us see about the MacBook. We all heard that very soon Apple will be sliding away from Intel to their ARM (Apple’s Radical MacBook) based processors.

This is kind of a big task for Apple as they have used Intel processors till now inside the previous MacBooks.

Now that they are using their own processors they have to keep up the performance of the device. There will be a difference in the Design. They will be working on making it thinner. We are expecting it to be the thinnest MacBook ever.

There might also be no cooling fan to draw out the heat produced and cool it like they do in their iPad, which they call the laptop alternative. This way they will be able to make it thinner, maybe not in the coming version but the one later. It will be more flexible for Apple to change things like they want it to be.

Coming to the performance. This is what all are worried about. Well the performance mainly depends on how the coming MacOS 11 will optimise the processor for better performance.

The MacOS 11 should also be made for the Intel processors too as we know that this is not a complete transition from Intel To ARM. The ARM should also work on battery optimization mainly. So let us hope for the best on MacOS. I feel that Apple will work the best on it as they don’t want to be any form of flopshow about their processors.

They have to make a great impact for the better future of the company. First impact is the best impact,right?. We might also expect an LTE feature like the Windows laptops that offer LTE. This is an assumption because the iPad has an LTE version.

From sources, we know that the prices will be starting at $799 of ARM based MacBook and for a 13-inch MacBook Pro the price will be around $1099. This is a huge cutdown in price, almost $200 lesser than the previous versions. Apple will be announcing this in the fall, which will be before December.



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