Apple Watch Series 7 to feature double-sided S7 chip to increase battery life

Apple has made the changes quite obvious that it is going to formulate in its upcoming new wearable. Apple Watch Series 7 is the next smartwatch from the company, and it is expected to have a powerful processor upgrade. The device is favourably scheduled to come out later this year. Excited to know what exactly this new System in Package, Series 7 will be like? 

This is for sure that after back to back models like the S5-powered Series 5 furthermore the S6 inside of the watch Series 6 which came out last year, Series 7 will roll across the board with advanced performance. We will know more about the advancements Apple Watch Series 7 will grasp in September when the watch will be officially declared openly.

According to the report from MacRumors, the S7 chip will encounter transformation. Due to a double-sided design, the S7 chip will be tinier in size heading towards more space. As the tiny chip would provide a broader space and will be filled by a battery which will be bigger than the usuals. This change in battery size will have a positive influence on the power of the battery and will certainly solve the crisis of battery life. The size of the watch and its weight will be left undisturbed.

There is another possibility which says that Apple is planning on doing something else, instead of using the space created by the double-sided chip for battery-related advancements they might use it to roll in some new pair of features. The watch will also carry some improvements in speed, upgraded display and indeed will not retain the blood-glucose monitor.

The rumour is still a presumption and users should not think about battery life being the only advancement, there may or may not be any such improvement. All we can do is wait for more reliable information to pop up. Stay in touch with us to know the latest updates.

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