Apple Watch SE Rumored to be arrive “The Budget One”

When it comes to smartwatches, it is hard to beat Apple. In fact, it is hard to beat Apple in all its products, be in the field of the features it gives or the price tag it comes along with. Apple smartwatches are priced at a very high-end, at a price where you can buy a good, renowned smartphone. We all know that Apple Watch Series 6 is going to be released soon. But a new rumour has just hit the ground that like the low-but-not-so-low-priced iPhone SE, Apple would be launching the first ever Watch SE. Though, do not get too excited yet because this will happen next year.

Now, the first question in mind would be, since it’s Apple, what exactly would they provide us with at a low price? Well, obviously you cannot get the Apple Watch Series 5 design. But, the Watch SE is expected to carry a Series 3 type of design. Like the Apple Watch Series 3, the SE will have an Aluminium body along with the 42 mm screen.

Now, if you are following with the latest leak, you would have seen that there is a talk about the extinction of Apple-classic Digital Crown. That rotating thing by which you can do everything and anything on your Apple Watch. But, the Apple Watch SE, following the Series 3 design is sure to have it. So, if next year you want to upgrade to an Apple Watch but with a Digital Crown, instead of going for the older versions go for this one. There are many reasons to go for the SE and not the Series 4,5 or the upcoming 6.

The first is that, Apple users will know that every time Apple rolls out a new update for its OS, they isolate the older models. So, if you buy the Watch SE, you are probably to stay safe for a longer period of time.

The Apple Watch SE would also have the S6 processor. This processor is not available in the older models so here is another reason for buying the SE. How does the processor matter here? Well, with every new model of Processor that any company releases, they come with better UI. Not only that, better comparability, bug fixes and changes that were needed in the earlier one comes along. Hence, SE would be a better choice.

The last reason has to be the price. The Apple Watch Series 5 is priced at a whopping Rs 43,000. You can buy an iPhone SE at that price which is even lesser at Rs 41,000. Comparing the price of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone SE 2, it can be clearly seen that the price drop is 50%. If Apple is to follow this trend in the Apple Watch SE too, then this smartwatch would cost you somewhere between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,00. A lot of maths right!

In simple words, the Apple Watch SE is a good decision by Apple if it is to come. People would now be able to enjoy the features of Apple Watch. Along with it, reputation comes along with at a low price. If this is to come true, I am sure to buy it.

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