Apple reportedly halts production of iPhone 12 Mini

Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini as a part of the iPhone 12 series in October 2020. They were expecting healthy sales figures as the consumers preferred compact smartphone designs. iPhone 12 Mini was introduced as a smartphone roughly similar to the iPhone SE and aimed to target the same consumer audience. The iPhone 12 Mini was a more powerful and more aesthetic version of the SE. Apple, however, halted production of the iPhone 12 Mini due to insufficient sales.

Unfortunately for Apple, their predictions of healthy sales figures from the iPhone 12 Mini did not meet their expectations and were not rewarding. The iPhone 12 Mini only contributed 5% of all iPhone 12 sales, whereas all other models were performing phenomenally in the market. Over time the demand for the phone kept decreasing and performed poorly sales-wise in the market. According to multiple reports, Apple has dropped the axe on the iPhone 12 Mini and halted its production, further looking into discontinuing the model entirely.

Apart from that, according to the famous & respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement, Apple would not be integrating any ‘Mini’ versions into their iPhone lineups from 2022 onwards. All being a result of the low demand and sales of the iPhone 12 Mini.

A Taiwanese research firm called TrendForce also stated that Apple is halting the production of the iPhone 12 Mini as it has reached the end of its product life-cycle and is performing very poorly when generating solid sales numbers. Compared to other models, the Mini version has performed unsatisfactorily, even in a country like India, where the demand for the iPhone SE was quite strong.

Despite Apple offering great discounts on the iPhone 12 Mini version, the sales for the phone did not see any growth and kept stagnating. Disappointing Apple’s expectations from the particular version of the iPhone 12 despite being the most affordable model from the iPhone 12 series and the most compact 5G phone existing in the market.

Apple will no longer be manufacturing this particular version, though it is still available for purchase on their official website. Later in the year, they will pull the plug from the model and permanently discontinue it after selling off the remaining inventory of the iPhone 12 Mini.

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