Apple releases iOS 14.7 first beta for developers; what’s new?

A few days back Apple released its final version of iOS 14.6 and today, it has released the next in line iOS 14.7 beta for developers testing. Now, what surprised us here is that iOS 14.6 is yet to be released universally, and Apple has already begun iOS 14.7 testing. From this we can expect that Apple might launch iOS 14.7 final version at WWDC 2021, however, we are not sure yet.

WWDC is Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference, which is going to be held on 7th June this year, as a virtual event. And, not just for iOS 14.7 Beta 1, Apple has also released iPadOS 14.7 Beta 1, WatchOS 7.6, macOS 11.5 Beta 1, tvOS 14.7 Beta 1, along with an update to HomePod 14.7 Beta 1. The important thing to note is, all of the aforementioned versions of iOS are available for developers only for now. But they will be released for public beta testers soon, we hope.

Now, if we were to talk about iOS 14.7 Beta 1 specifications, it’s size ranges between 3.5 to 4.5 GB, with build number 18G5023c. At present, we don’t have an insight about iOS 14.7 Beta 1 user-facing features, but reports suggest, iOS 14.7 will allow you to disable Apple AirTags from your device.

With iOS 14.7, users can manage their HomePod timers from their device, which sounds interesting. All you gotta do is say “Hey Siri, set a new timer for reading”, and a new timer will be displayed on your device’s home screen. Alongside iOS 14.7 beta 1 release, Apple has also announced a list of new features, which are specially designed for specially abled people around the globe, as said by the company.

How to install iOS 14.7 Beta 1 on your iPhone?

If you are excited to try out Apple’s iOS 14.7, prior to its universal release, then just follow our lead:

  • Developers can go straight to, using their device, & they will be able to download developer iOS 14.7 beta profile.
  • Now, for those who don’t come from the developer community also can download iOS 14.7 beta profile by signing up on
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the beta profile, enable it by: Go to Settings > General > Profile. Enable profile, after that your device will reset itself.
  • Next, again Go to Settings > General > then click on Software Updates & hit on “download the latest beta release.

Note: as a safety advice, Apple recommends not to download the latest iOS 14.7 beta 1 profile, if your device is in a critical state or is damaged in any manner; as new releases can invite a few bugs or so.

Another thing to remember is, if you are already using iOS 14.6 on your device, you will find the new update to iOS 14.7 beta 1 profile, under the “Also Available” section, present at the bottom of the screen, when you go to “Software Updates.”

Apart from all this, Apple has also released some basic information about its new accessibility feature, which is expected to come with new iOS. Apple has been exploring new ways to make its devices more obliging to the needs of people with disabilities, and as a solution Apple has designed some new features, specially for such people.

These features include:

  • SignTime, which is said to be launched today, exclusively in the U.S, U.K & France and will be available to other countries soon.
  • Another great feature is “Assistive Touch”, this will allow users to control their Apple watches with hand-gestures & motions.
  • Eye-tracking support in iPad, this feature comes with MFi Technology that will allow users to operate their devices with eye-movements; in short, the cursor will pinpoint your gaze on the screen and follow wherever you move it on screen.
  • Memoji Customization, this will allow users to represent themselves with hearing aid, or a soft helmet.
  • Apple’s MFi feature is coming with an update, i.e., new bi-directional hearing aids. These hearing-aid will be equipped with microphones, that will allow users with hearing impairments to enjoy handsfree phone, or a FaceTime conversation & more.
  • With VoiceOver, take a good look at images in a more detailed, comprehensive way.
  • Apple has also announced its new Background, Lossless music, that will help improve focus, by cutting unwanted environmental noises.

Well, this is it for now, but we hope to see more of Apple’s new features, updates, device & operating systems at WWDC, 2021 on 7th June.

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