Apple released the first-ever watchOS 7 Public Beta with Amazing new Features

One more Public Beta has been added to Apple’s queue of the Public Beta versions. Yes, we are talking about the public beta for Apple’s new WatchOS 7. After its big updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS, now Apple has released WatchOS 7 (for the very first time). Apple’s new and amazing updates have never downhearted anyone, so this time too we have a pack full of expectations for WatchOS7. Apple has come up with “out the world” features this time (trust me I’m not exaggerating). If you have an Apple Watch released in 2017 or later, you are holding aces.

Excited to know these astounding features? Let’s take you on a tour:

1. Sleep Tracking

I bet Sleep Tracking is the most important feature especially for sleepy heads (like me!). Now, you don’t have to confide in some third party app to measure your sleep as the solution would be right on your wrist. Just set the parameters and tell the watch your time to doze off and wake up. You don’t have to do anything after that, your watch will remind you to wrap up everything before your sleep time.

No crying over a low battery at night, you will be reminded to charge if you have less than 30% battery before you nod off. The health app on your iPhone will also tell you how long you slept, how easy! Also, Apple’s alarm is not planning to go harsh on you, just a tap on your wrist is sufficient to wake you up (only at the time of set alarm).

2. Wash your hands

Apple cares for you just like everyone else! We all know how important it is to have someone who constantly reminds us to wash our hands these days. Apple was working on this feature for a great deal of time and now it has finally introduced this tender feature (Thanks Apple!). Your Smart Watch is really SMART enough to sense your hands moving, water pouring from the tap as well as soap squishing (this is AMAZING). It tracks your time as well and if you stop before 20 seconds, your watch is right there to remind you to continue. After the completion, your watch appreciates you too.

3. Brand New Watch Faces

Two amazing new watch faces have been added to this version, these are – an updated extra-large face and a Chronograph having a built-in tachymeter. This is also important to note that along with the new faces, there might be a chance of more complications like the change in the little bitty apps that you can drop onto the Watch Face. Now, there will be multiple instances of a particular complication on the face, unlike the previous versions where you had just one.

4. The Amazing Shareable Feature

 We all have heard that sharing is caring and Apple has made this process of caring even sleeker. With the shareable feature, you can easily share a Watch Face with your friend just by long-pressing the watch, clicking on the share button, and then choosing your friend’s contact.

5. Stay fit with these workout Apps

I don’t think there is any area left where Apple has not thought about you. Keeping your fitness at the forefront, Apple has developed some cool exercises for you. Also, you can add your favorite exercise anytime you want (sounds legit attractive). Not just exercises, you can also dance and stay fit. Yes, the brand new dance workout uses Watch’s gyroscope, heart rate sensor as well as an accelerometer to monitor how your exercise is going so far. There are some other amazing workouts too, like Core Training, Cooldown, and Functional Strength Training.

How to install WatchOS 7 on your Apple Watch (Complete Guide) – Click

So get ready to experience these thrilling features with WatchOS 7 Public Beta. Download WatchOS 7 for your Apple Watch – Click

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