Apple plans to release a wireless charging iPad Pro, and possibly a refreshed iPad Mini

According to the Bloomberg News reports Apple is working on new features to be added to the upcoming iPad models. As per Friday’s news report from Bloomberg, the company is most likely to launch the iPad Pro with wireless charging next year and the redesigned iPad Mini this year in the second half. Apple is currently working on both iPad models. 

The iPad Pro is going under modifications for wireless charging and the iPad Mini is completely getting redesigned. The iPad Mini is being redesigned due to the massive increase in sales during the pandemic. 

The company amid the Covid-19 prospered. The customers were stuck at home during the pandemic and rushed over to the electronic appliances. The sales of the iPad increased by around $7.8 billions or 57,020 crores which the company never saw coming.

As per the report, the changes Mini is expected to undergo are- the company is planning to narrow down the border of the screen. The company is also prone to removing the home button.

The modifications to be made in the iPad Mini for the first time includes testing of the glass back to facilitate wireless charging. They are also planning to promote reverse wireless charging on the iPad Pro. According to the reports Apple is putting in immense efforts to bring out the exclusive results. 

The iPad Pro is in its preliminary developmental stages. Many changes may be added to the model and some might get terminated. Before getting launched next year the company may think of something new. The design of the model iPad Pro is yet in the initial phase of making. 

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