Apple might launch it’s AirPods 3 along with Apple Music HiFi on 18th May

We have pretty crazy reports from Luke Miani, the Youtuber who claims that AirPods 3 and Apple Music HiFi should be ready for the 18th of may via a press release. Now, this might sound a little strange to everyone, but this does make some sense, and let’s dive into why I agree with this leak.

The first point is that we had heard about this before from ihack2pro, another prominent apple leaker who also said the same thing a few weeks ago. We also have some mysterious reports from HITS daily double, who is a source within the music industry, believes that Apple AirPods 3 and Apple Music HiFi should be launching on 18th May 2021. So, coupling all this information, I feel the release of these in the upcoming weeks, which makes some sense. To add to this, we have a bunch of existing leaks on AirPods 3, so we have a bunch of images, we have a bunch of information on features and specifications.

Usually, in the past, when we get detailed information about a product, that means the release is pretty imminent. Many people might be wondering if this was the case and AirPods 3 was ready; why can’t Apple release that in WWDC? Well, there are two reasons we can think of, i.e., number one, AirPods have always been a consumer-focused product category, and that doesn’t give some sense with the prosumer focused WWDC, which is built for developers, prosumers and professionals that’s why they are not the target demographic for AirPods. But number two, you might have noticed that apart from the OG AirPods, every AirPods release has been a press release, no idea why but apple has a rule and even when it comes to pretty major releases like AirPods max and AirPods Pro, apple still went ahead with a press release. So, this most likely means AirPods 3 will follow suit, which is the perfect time to announce new AirPods.

Apple is cutting production of AirPods due to low sales, which makes sense because Apple hasn’t updated the regular AirPods line in over two years now. So, they need to release new AirPods as soon as possible to get people upgrading and, of course, making more money. Also, Apple does early education promo to give out free AirPods with every iPad or mac purchase. Again, to make this promo more enticing, Apple should have AirPods 3 to giveaway instead of the pretty old AirPods 2 that everyone has.

More evidence suggests that AirPods 3 and Apple music HiFi are launching very soon because, in iOS 14.6 beta, there are explicit references that Apple is laying the groundwork for adding HiFi support. In addition to this, we also have an Apple music android app revealing the same thing. So, Apple Music HiFi is happening very soon and Apple releasing AirPods 3 alongside that makes some sense.  

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