Apple might launch Android App for AirTags this year

Apple rolled out its much anticipated whip-smart tracker “AirTags” this year. The idea behind AirTags is to help users track important items, such as car keys, purses, luggage, etc. in a more simplified way. AirTags uses Apple’s Find My app to give you an exact location of your items without any user interaction. As amazing as this sounds, Privacy Experts were too concerned to let pass the privacy concerns AirTags brought. Apple is reportedly planning to launch an Android app for AirTags this year with some important changes.

The problem resides in “How AirTags Works?”

As mentioned before, AirTags give you an exact location of your belongings without a user interface, this could allow wicked users to take advantage of it. According to Privacy Experts, the brevity & remarkable exactness of AirTags, may perhaps allow wicked users to stalk other people & violate privacy.

As a result of which, Apple has decided to bring some changes to the way AirTags works. 

According to a report by CNET, Apple is working on bringing some changes to AirTags. As per the report, Apple is installing a cut-down on the time period after which AirTags alert the user about their separated belongings by making a sound.

AirTags Software is smart enough to detect the prospect of tracking a person, and if it detects that an AirTags is used to track someone’s whereabouts it makes a sound. Before, the time-window for sending an alert was three days, but the update is cutting the period to a “random time” between eight and twenty-four hours. 

Alongside this, Apple said that it is going to launch an AirTags Android App too later this year. The rationale behind this is to help Android users find out if there’s an AirTag tracking them. In simple words, this app will help Android users to detect if any AirTags are moving with them (whether intentionally or unintentionally). 

And, when you found that AirTag, only an Apple-made Android app would allow you to use your phone to deactivate the AirTag or simply connect it with its owner. As of now, Apple hasn’t said anything about Android App launch, and its features. However, since this news came just a few days before WWDC 2021 we expect to learn more about it next week.


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