Apple may ditch the Touch Bar in future MacBook Pro models

According to the recent reports, Apple might be ditching its famous Touch Bar on the new versions of the MacBook Pro. The company is gearing up to launch a new MacBook this year and the device is expected to have Apple silicon processors, a new design and an all-around upgraded package. The company introduced the first Touch Bar in 2016’s MacBook Pro to change the way the MacBook‘s are used and to provide extra convenience to the users.

Analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) say that Touch Bar is the largest use of OLED Displays but they will not include the Touch Bar in the future versions. The company is expected to use an OLED display for iPad over the next few years. DSCC explains that, “As of Q1 ’21, Touch Bars are the #3 application with 18% unit share and 1.2% revenue share. As Apple begins to adopt the 10.9″ AMOLED iPad, Touch Bars will be exceeded by tablets. Furthermore, our sources suggest that Apple may do away with the Touch Bar in the future.”

Mui Ching Ko and Bloomberg have seconded the reports and say that the Touch Bar in MacBook Pro models is looking increasingly likely to drop. The feature was introduced in 2016 and it was controversial immediately as people did not like the fact that they had to press physical keys for it and five years later, Apple seems to listen to their customers’ complaints and are set to remove it. 

The new MacBook Pro design will feature square sides in the top and bottom halves of the laptop and will contain a flat-edge design in the iPhone 12 series. Reports say that the MagSafe is returning but does not mention that the ability to charge on both sides will be lost. 

Other expected changes in the MacBook Pro is that it will use the M1X chipset to power the laptop and this information comes from iOS developer and Apple analyst, Dylan. He also says that the MacBook Air will be powered by the lesser version of M2 chipset. He says that the M1X will come with 8 big cores and 2 efficient cores and the GPU core count can at-least be doubled. 

With these many changes touted, people will hope that the company listens to their complaints and demands and acts upon it in the upcoming MacBook launch. 

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