Apple may be launch iPhone 12 Lineup in Two Phases, due to supply issues – Report says

Last week, Apple had confirmed that the launch of its much awaited iPhone 12 will have a delayed launch due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation and global travel restrictions in place leading to a ‘temporarily constrained’ supply chain, much to the dismay of Apple fans across the globe. While last year’s iPhone launch occurred in September, this year’s launch can be expected in or around October.

As per reports, the tech giant has 4 separate models of the Apple iPhone 12 variant in store for us. They are expected to come in 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inch sizes having OLED screen displays, suggests a DigiTimes report. The 4 models are thought to be named the base iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to the report, the launch this year will possible be in 2 separate phases, something that is unprecedented in Apple’s long history of mind breaking, innovative product launches. The 6.1 inch models will likely come as a part of the first phase. While, the 5.4 and 6.7 inch devices are speculated to be a part of the 2nd phase. The report further adds that suppliers of SLP (substrate-like PCB) mainboards for the 6.1 inch variants have already begun to ship, while those of the other models are to start shipping in late August. As per sources, the shipment of flexible boards for the new iPhone will be about 2-4 weeks later than usual.

However, note that Luca Maestri, Apple CFO, had confirmed Apple’s plans to postpone supply for several weeks, implying a delayed launch of the upcoming iPhone 12 series. But he made no elaborations on the phased launch plans that are being reported now. Even Apple itself did not give any confirmation or statements on reports of a phased launch either.

Going by rumours and other reports, the 6.7 and one 6.1 inch iPhone models are expected to belong to comparatively higher end handsets, featuring a triple camera set up. Meanwhile, the 5.4 and the other 6.1 inch models are thought to be of a relatively more affordable price range having a dual camera set up.

This is also the first time that we have come across 4 Apple’s iPhone models for their 2020 line up plan. It is expected that each of the 4 devices will be capable of supporting 5G connections.

Furthermore, it is entirely speculated and expected that even if there is a 2 phase launch this year and the launch itself is delayed; Apple will stick to its schedule of the yearly September launch timeline. Deliveries could be delayed to make up for the delays in the supply chain.

Coming to other related features and specs, they will most likely run on the A14 Bionic chipset and have a lower battery capacity compared to the predecessor models of the iPhone 11 series.

So, are you excited for the 4 new models that will grace the market in the coming months? Are you looking forward to buying any devices of the Apple iPhone 12 series?

Deepanjan Datta

Deepanjan Datta

Management student who likes to write articles at times, into mobile photography and likes to cook as a hobby.

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