Apple macOS 12 Monterey announced at WWDC 2021 with new features like Universal Control and AirPlay to Mac

Apple has announced the new version of macOS, the macOS 12 Monterey at its annual tech event WWDC 2021 yesterday along with other announcements like the iOS 15. In addition to this, several new features have also been introduced along with this new software update like AirPlay on Mac, universal control, improvements in FaceTime calls and privacy of data and availability of quick notes and shortcuts. It is to be noted that the new macOS 12 will come with an updated Safari browser as well.

The macOS 12 will be compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and other Mac devices as and will be available officially to the users by the end of this year. Right now, the software has been introduced for developers only as the beta version has been released so far but it will be made available to the public soon as next month the beta version will be released as a free update on all the compatible Mac devices.

macOS 12 Universal Play Control

Looking at all the features in detail, the newly introduced universal control feature will allow users to use the same mouse and keyboard to switch seamlessly between their Mac and iPad devices. In addition, a new ‘drag and drop’ feature has been introduced to move content between both the devices. This feature will be specifically helpful to digital artists who can switch between devices while creating sketches and other digital art.

macOS 12 AirPlay to Mac

Another notable feature to look out for is the AirPlay feature on Mac which will allow users to play and share games, movies, presentations, videos and photos from their iPhone or iPad to their Mac device without any hassle. The new update will also bring some notable improvements in FaceTime calls as new features have been added like leverage to spatial audio, grid view availability for the participants and easy sharing of music, movies, presentations as well.

Apple has paid special attention in improving privacy and security of user data with the introduction of mail privacy protection feature. Other features are the Shortcuts and Quick Note tools which will help to customize shortcuts as per users’ work environment and in jotting down important ideas and messages whenever required respectively. Another tool worth mentioning is the Object Capture which will allow developers to create and review three dimensional models of real world objects and items directly through the images of those objects itself.

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