Apple launches a Premium Podcast Subscriptions service worldwide

US-based, Apple had announced its Podcasts premium subscription in April 2021. However, due to technical difficulties, the launch was postponed. Finally, Apple Podcast Subscriptions has been launched by the firm. The premium subscription of the Apple podcast allows content creators and podcasters to charge monthly membership fees to their followers and listeners. Other benefits, such as unedited film, archives, and so on, might be included under the Freemium model.

Confirming the launch of Apple Podcasts’ premium subscriptions and Podcast channels on June 15, 2021, the firm has recently sent emails to content creators and podcasters. The subscription price will be determined by the podcasters and they can also choose between annual and monthly payments. The content creators can choose whether to provide a freemium model that lets users listen in for free but charges for more advantages or to use a subscription model, in which subscribers pay to listen to the material. Apple Podcasts now has channels in addition to subscriptions, with both paid and free alternatives. With their own logo, artwork, and description, content creators may organize their content into channels.

To gain access to the tools needed to handle premium subscriptions, content creators must enroll themselves in the Apple Podcasters Program, which costs Rs. 1,799 in India and $19.99 in the United States. The company is following the 70-30 rule on earning through podcast subscription i.e. the creators will earn 70% of what consumers pay for their subscriptions and 30% will go to the Apple as commission. After a year of paid service, a subscriber’s net revenue rises to 85 percent of the subscription fee, less relevant taxes. The creator will get any other podcast earnings, including any ads, in full.

Furthermore, if customers subscribe to a podcast but want to listen to it via a third-party podcast client, the advantages of the subscription are not available.

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