Apple is planning to ship 20W Fast Charger with iPhone 12

Apple is delivering 5W slow charger since their first iPhone and even in 2020 they are giving 5W in iPhone 11 device. Company started giving 18W charger in high-end device like 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. According to rumors, Apple is planning to ship 20W fast charger with upcoming iPhone 12 series.

Through the iPhone 8 series to iPhone 11 series all the device support 18W fast charging technology, but apple is delivering 18W adapter only in 11 Pro and Max. Other series only getting 5W charger out of the box, customer need to pay some decent amount for purchase fast charger.

iphone 12 fast charger

According to recent leaks and rumors, Apple is planning to deliver 20W charger to customer in upcoming 2020 iPhone 12 series. If you’re thinking that company will give 20W charger for higher device only, you might be wrong.

Apple will give this fast charger for all iPhone 12 lineup devices, now company wants to change a game. If this report us going to true, then customer can finally get 20W charger out of the box.

Providing fast charger is not a big deal because every smartphone manufacture company that available right now in market providing fast charging and even super 65W fast charging. Other company also provide fast charging out of the box and customer don’t need to pay some extra amount.

In the next iPhone 12 lineup, customer will still get Apple’s old lightening port for charging. Apple might be give USB-C charging port in 2021 iPhone lineup. What you think about this 20W charger, do comment below.

Other features of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

In the latest reporting of Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro video they presented some major leak about iPhone 12 Pro. This iPhone 12 Pro will feature a ProMotion Display with 120Hz high refresh rate.

This time iPhone 12 Pro Max feature 6.7 inch bigger display with 4400mAH battery. The reason behind bigger battery is ProMotion Display and 5G connectivity.

Apple’s upcoming processor in A14 Bionic chipset that will comes with 5G connectivity and it’s design will be based on 5nm technology.

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