Apple is planning to be 100% Carbon Neutral in future

Less than a week back, Apple unveiled its plans to commit itself to become carbon neutral thoroughly by 2030. This applies to Apple’s entire business, manufacturing, products, supply chain et al. Their goal is to have nil impact on the environment and the climate for any device that they sell. While many of its corporate operations are carbon neutral, it plans to extend that to all its businesses and suppliers. With so many environmental disasters becoming more frequent and global warming concerns growing day by day, the need for sustainable growth today is more important than ever before. And it seems, the tech giant has taken the lead, setting an example for all to follow!

Also these aren’t just lofty goals and empty claims, it has even provided a roadmap to its target that we will cover below. They will try to reduce carbon emissions by 75% within 2030 and focus on carbon removal efforts for the remaining 25% such as restoring habitats, tree plantations etc. They definitely have their sight set on reducing their global carbon footprint.

According to Apple, around 74% of their carbon emissions are from manufacturing operations. To tackle this, they plan to set up a ‘US-China Green Fund’ of around $100 million to encourage suppliers to engage in energy efficient projects. They have been working with the suppliers, encouraging them to use recycled materials and recycled rare earth elements. While a lot of energy is consumed to mine rare earth elements, recycling them isn’t really economical due to being used in minuscule quantities, so Apple has claimed to have developed a robot to recover the same from its devices.

Apple Carbon Neutral

Apple’s 10 year long roadmap to bring down carbon emissions include:

  1. Low Carbon Product Design- Apple’s focus will be on designing and developing devices that are energy efficient, can be made from recycled materials and need low carbon levels to manufacture.
  2. Expanding Energy Efficiency- They will try to develop newer methods of running their corporate facilities with lesser energy consumption. They also intend to help their supply chain partners make the same transition too.
  3. Renewable Energy- They will remain committed to depend entirely on renewable energy for their operations. They will also emphasize on moving their entire supply chain to clean power and invest in the necessary projects and programs for the same.
  4. Process and Material Innovations- They also plan to develop improvements in its technology for the processes and materials needed for manufacturing. They are supporting the development of the first-ever direct carbon-free aluminium smelting process with 2 of its aluminium suppliers. According to them, the first batch of this low carbon aluminium will be used in the production of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.
  5. Carbin Removal- They are investing in various nature based solutions to remove their carbon footprint. They had announced plans to invest in funds for restoration and protection of forests, ecosystems and habitats. They also plan to invest in new projects in partnership with Conservation International and work closely with The Conservation Fund and the World Wildlife Fund.

While this announcement has come as a breath of fresh air, metaphorically and soon perhaps literally in the coming future, one can only hope that other tech giants and underdogs alike, follow this lead and strive towards a greener future. The need for such initiatives cannot be emphasized enough, as we continue to develop more and more in terms of technology at the cost of the environment. Apple claimed that they commits to be 100% carbon Neutral for their supply chain and products by 2030. What do you think about this huge steps by Apple, let us know through comment section.


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