Apple is expected to refresh the design of MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch models.

Over the last couple of days, there’s been a lot of new information about the 2021 re-design of the MacBook Pro, including a 14 inch and 16-inch model. A lot of this is confirming or strengthening older leaks, a lot of this is new information, and unfortunately, not all of it is good news. 

The first news is from about a month ago, and it was in Mac Rumors entitled apple planning to discontinue high-end 13-inch MacBook Pro. So basically, this rumors is a little bit obvious. They are saying that within the year, the high-end four thunderbolt port, the intel MacBook Pro, will be discontinued and replaced with a new model that is what we would expect to see. It was similar to how the older iMac didn’t get updated because it has been replaced; that’s what we should expect to see with the MacBook Pro.

So, currently, there are two configurations of the intel MacBook pro that you can choose between, starting at 1,34,000 INR and the other with 1,50,000 INR. The only difference between those is that the 1.34 lakhs model has 512 GB and the 1.5 lakhs model has 1TB. So, this means that we could expect that a decent amount of the configuration details and pricing details would probably remain. The new iMac that came out and it replaced 4k iMac starting at 97,000 INR and 1,12,000 INR, and then they did have a higher-priced model at 1,27,000 INR. 

So, the following rumour is where it starts to get a little bit juicy, basically “apple got hacked” well not directly, but one of their suppliers quantum computer got hacked, and a ransomware group has been holding up these images and threatening to release more unless they get paid. The long and the short of this group released a couple of schematics for the upcoming MacBook Pros. The main leak that was going around online was a schematic for the 14-inch mac book pro. These schematics confirm several things that we have heard over the last couple of months:-

  • The keyboard looks a lot like the touch id keyboard that came out with the iMac. So, the function keys are tall, not short like they would be on the mac book air, and also, there was a touch id key where the power button currently is on the mac book pro. 
  • A lot of the port layout, so on the left side of the device shown by the way was a 14-inch MacBook pro. So on the left side of the device, led by the way, was a 14-inch MacBook pro. There were two thunderbolt points and a MagSafe connector, as well as a headphone jack. There was an HDMI, another thunderbolt port, and an SD card reader on the right side of the device. 

Like on the new M1 iMac is suspected that the USB type-c port on the right side of the device is just a USB type-c port and not a thunderbolt port and that also signifies that the 14-inch MacBook Pro might come with an M1 chip which is a bit disappointing. We had thought for a while that the new generation of the MacBook Pro was pretty much guaranteed to come with an M1X. However, it seems a little bit weird that you would get three thunderbolt ports or, more likely, two thunderbolt ports.

According to Ming-Chi-Kuo, we won’t see these new MacBook in this WWDC in June. We might have to wait for a longer time, maybe September or October for them.

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