Apple iPad Mini 6 is expected to come with significant design changes

The journalist Mark Gurman who keeps a note on Apple and other technological updates, recently via Bloomberg in Power on, the weekly newsletter shared the expected launch date of the new iPad Mini 6. The iPad Mini 6 is going to have a redesigned iPad design for the customers to enjoy something exotic. As suggested in the newsletter the device will be launched this year in the fall that is somewhere between September and November.

Mark also stated that the iPad mini is going to have the greatest redesign in its nine-year history. Apple previously modified the design of its iPad Mini in 2019 and the design of the iPad Mini 6 will be similar to that of the iPad Air 4. The display will be nearly the same with a difference of only 3 millimetres. Jon Prosser was the tipster who shared the images of the Mini 6 last month based on the leaks to infer the expected design of the device.

iPad mini 6

iPad Mini 6 to be launched by Apple later this year and according to leaks, the company has made some significant changes in the device in-terms of design. There will be thinner bezels in the device and the measurement of the iPad will be 206.3mm x 137.8mm x 6.1mm. The company is going to remove the Home button and the Touch ID sensor will be in the pattern of the power button. Moreover, the lightning port has been replaced with a USB port-C. There might also be a 5G version of the Mini 6, powered by an A14 processor.

The device is desired to be powered by the Apple A-series processors to make the mini model excel the pro model. The iPad Mini 6 will be available in three color options namely Silver, Gold and Black. There are also some rumors suggesting that the company is likely to launch an iMac. Mark inferred that it can come with a larger screen of 27-inch and might have either an M1X or M2 chipset. 

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