Apple iOS 14 bugs are not fixed yet even after the new update

Smartphones are trendy enough to create a war in the technical world, and such action has always been going on between Android and iPhone users. Apple‘s reputation came to a step down when the brand came up with iOS 14. Every time something new is launched, users expect to find something fascinating and worth buying the product. During the launch of iOS 14, Apple promised to let the users set their default browser with a third-party app. Also, you can change respective to the email. Well, this feature attracted many, but after the real testing, it came out that every user was facing bugs with the feature in iOS 14.

After a month, it was clear now that every time you switch the phone off and again on, the device will reset itself automatically. The issue got brought up to the next level. That’s when Apple launched 14.1, which declared to fix the issue. Talking about the update users, initially tried to power off and again on the phone and discovered that the problem is still present. For all the users who don’t know about the feature, you have to go to your settings. Then click on all the apps you want to run with the default mail or browser. Tap on the default app and done. It also supports specific platforms, such as your Chrome, Opera Touch, and DuckDuckGo. However, not wholly satisfactory features are still available.

Bug Fixed after iOS 14.1 update

We can’t say that there are absolutely no changes added by the newly launched update as some earlier version bugs got now fixed. It mainly consists of solving the issue with the sizes of the widgets and icons. You can easily drag the widgets on the home screen, no more mails with incorrect aliases, and more. The update will also fix issues regarding the appearance of 0 in the calculator; you can download songs while watching something else, and emergency call overlapping will not happen more. Hopefully, the upcoming update will solve the central issue of the default browser soon.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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