Apple introduces UPI, RuPay and net banking payment options in its App Store.

Apple has introduced three new payment methods on the app store: the united payments interface (UPI), RuPay, and Net Banking. These options are available for App Store users in India. Previously the App Store only allowed Debit Cards & Credit Cards on their platform to make any app purchases on iTunes or App Store. However, with this new addition of payment methods, Indian App Store users will find a lot of convenience in making payments. As faster and safer methods like UPI are available on the App Store.

If they want to make any purchase on the App Store, App Store users can simply use these three new payment options that Apple has enabled for them. Instead of solely relying on Credit/Debit Cards. Many Apple users also got notified about this by a notification on their iPhones that read, “New ways to pay for the content you love. You can now use UPI, RuPay cards, and net banking to pay on the App Store.” Because of this update in payment of options, Apple has improved a lot regarding user experience. Adding and removing different Credit/Debit card details can create a lot of hassle, and now there is a solution.

How to add the three new payment options on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad:

First of all, the user needs to confirm if they have installed the latest software update. If not, then they should download and install it. Post that, the users can head to the “Settings” app on their Apple Device and click on their Apple ID section. They can navigate the “Payment & Shipping” option from there, and the device will ask them to sign in again. After signing in, they will be able to see the “Add Payment Method” section. Concludingly, they can select the three new payment options listed: UPI, RuPay, and net banking, and follow the procedures to add them as a saved payment option. Additionally, if they want to make changes or remove the added payment method, they can use the “Edit” option.

How to add the new payments on your Mac:

For macOS, the person needs to ensure they are on the latest version of the software, open the App Store, sign in, and select the “View Information” section. There will be a “Manage Payments” option by the Payment Information, from where the Mac user can add different payment methods. This also includes UPI, RuPay, and net banking.

If you are an Apple user and are tired of going through the hassle of using a Credit/Debit card, you can switch to the new payment methods which enable direct bank-to-bank transactions, which are much safer and more efficient.

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