Apple introduces new game controller UI and SDK

Recently, in the Platforms State of the Union 2021, Apple announced that they are working on a virtual game controller UI that will support the new iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS and tvOS. The new technology will make sure that gamers find it easy for capturing and saving images and videos of the gameplay on iOS devices and will also make it simple to customise the controls.

In the Platform State of the Union, Apple engineers talked about the new technology they are working on, “These new on-screen controls for iPhone and iPad look amazing, and they’re carefully tuned for grip locations across hand sizes and great responsiveness and feel. They’re easy to add to your application and act just like a game controller. Instead of writing your on-screen overlay UI and translating touch inputs into your game input system, these on-screen controls appear to your code just like game controller framework GCController objects, so your input logic can remain much more consistent.” As per the statement, it looks like Apple is working hard to make the new game controller comfortable and convenient.

Apple Game Controller

Further, the engineer revealed that Apple is working on a “Replaykit” technology that will enable the user to instantly record the ongoing gameplay to the last 15 seconds by just pressing the share button for a few second, “As I showed you earlier, the system gestures for media capture are a double press to capture a screenshot to your Camera Roll, and a long press to start and stop a ReplayKit recording. This year, we’re adding a super cool new type of media capture, 15-second highlights. So now, instead of having to remember to start and stop recording, players can just turn on automatic background buffering, which will let them save the last 15 seconds gameplay any time they long press.”

Apple’s new controller will be very easy to customise and the user will be able to control the game with their symbols. 

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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