Apple begins its fight against Epic regarding the antitrust trial

Apple on Monday started its presentation on its case in the closely observable antitrust practice with Epic Games. This is a defence from their side that will include evidence from the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Tim Cook. Epic Games has already handover all its witnesses for two weeks in the federal court in Oakland, California.

The first witness who stands for Apple is Phil Schiller, the person who manages the Apple App Store and previously was its senior vice president of global marketing for nearly decades. He is a simple and tech geek, and He is the fellow who made his fame as Apple’s top spokesperson for product launching and announcements. He is well-known as the chief defender of Apple, who guards the brand’s fame with excitement and passion. Schiller previously gave evidence in Apple’s 2011 suit against Samsung of copying patented designs for mobile devices and smartphones. He took on the responsibility to run the Apple App Store in 2015. Last year, he moved out of his earlier marketing chief responsibility.

Despite taking on the Apple App Store officially, six years ago, he was an essential part of its development and launch in 2008. He was involved in making some significant decisions about the developers, app review, and new features. The most expected testimony will be Apple’s, Tim Cook. When Apple announces its latest products, Cook’s quintessential master plan is to come on stage, talk over the brand values, and then hand over his assistants. This time, Cook’s scheme is to discuss the brand’s operational excellence model and the functionality and operations of the Apple App Store. It will also signify Cook’s first evidence in court, as he succeeded earlier in the trials with companies like Samsung and Qualcomm.

In the court, Apple said that Schiller would discuss the development and announcements of the Apple App Store, its policies and also guidelines. The brand’s operational excellence model and the competitors faced by the company. In his first minutes on Monday, Schiller responded to all the interrogations about how Apple terminated having disconnected gain and loss statements for different units after the brand was acknowledged under Jobs’ supervision in 1997. Epic charged Apple last year with a counter-blast against the company.

It claimed that “with billions of dollars in revenue on the line, from global regulators and some app developers who say its standard App Store fee of 30% and other policies are unjust and self-serving.” For the past two weeks, The executives at Epic games and the CEO Tim Sweeney and representatives from Apple competitors that includes Microsoft and Nvidia Corp., stood in favour to help the North Carolina-based Fortnite maker company to present its disputes. Apple’s lawyers tried to interfere in Epic’s case with cross-questions to who witnesses focused on exhibiting how Apple competes with video game consoles and Google Android devices on a large scale.

In this case, Schiller can play the leading role to solve all the disputes from their side as he is one of the essential personality in Apple Corp.

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