Apple announces new accessibility setting features for iOS devices

Earlier this day, Apple disclosed some of its new accessibility features upcoming in iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch later this year. In some of the screenshots which were released by Apple in the press conference, showed us the options available in the Settings app with inlay cells and a navigation bar that’s combined with the background. It seems like we could get a first look and feel at a fine-drawn but welcome UI but both of these things are already available in the upcoming iOS 14.

One of these features is called SignTime. This is launching on May 20 i.e. Today. SignTime is a feature that provides us assistance and enables those people who are deaf to speak with AppleCare and Retail Customer Care using sign language via a web browser. For this, they don’t have to do any booking beforehand, they can just go to their browser and access this feature.

These accessibility features will be first launched in nations like The United States, The United Kingdom, and France for the Apple iPhones. But, for now, plans to extend to further countries in the upcoming days will ease each region’s regional language i.e., The American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL), and French Sign Language (LSF).

For those who are blind, there will be an upcoming iOS update that would bring a major upgrade to the iOS’s Voice Over with screen reading technology. This is expected to enable further details in text and table data, along with describing the position of people and objects within images.

Many additional improvements are indicated in full in Apple’s declaration, which has iPhone help for two-directional hearing aids, as well as the capability to recognize audiograms and set the audio according to their choice. It’s expected that this is all coincidence or all these features might be used in moderately new settings.


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