Apple announces M1 Powered new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini

Famous cherished brand Apple has been lately very busy with launching new phones and now the Mac’s. Apple announces the first ‘M1’ ARM-powered Macs in its history. The launch of the brand new Apple Silicon lineup is highly hoped to have improved battery life with fantastic performance. Developers have made some recent hardware changes, and Apple will be launching some creative stuff soon for sure. There have been many changes made in them and stick to this article to know all about everything. Apple announces ARM based M1 chip Powered new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini in the launch event.

Apple M1 Chip

M1 chip by Apple:

The M1 chip is made explicitly for compact devices and will be available in the new MacBook Air. Also, the chip can support the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. It features a more upgraded version of the A14 Bionic. Half of the core features high performance, and the other one shows high-efficiency, which will be combined in the M1 chip now. According to Apple, the chip has incorporated a neural engine that can balance all the machine learning tasks more than 11 times faster compared to others. Apple uses in all three devices and, some SKUs might have 7 GPU cores, and others might have eight cores. 

M1 Powered MacBook Air:

The new MacBook Air by the brand has similar looks to that of the older MacBook Air. But on the inside, the device will have the M1 chip that might show changed excellent performance rather than the older version. Apple says that the Air can come up with 3.5x faster CPU performance along with 5x graphics performance. Battery life will run for 15 hours of wireless web browsing. The laptop is available at $999 and comes in next week.

M1 Powered 13-inch MacBook Pro:

The M1 Powered 13-inch MacBook Pro is much the same story as the MacBook Air looks familiar but will be 2.8x faster than the previous models. Apple says it can allow compiling code, and transcoding video, along with editing high-resolution photos, very effectively with others. The battery goes on for 17 hours of web browsing. It is around 20 hours if you go for a video playback. The price starts at $1,299 and is already available 

M1 Powered Mac Mini:

It is around 3x faster in performance and has  6x faster graphics than previous versions. The price tag on it is about $699 and is available on sale today. However, it ships next week. Mac Mini having an M1 chip, will all come with headphone jacks.

Launch of Big Sur:

The macOS will launch on November 12, as per the company. It highly resembles the iOS kind. Well talking about that in Big Sur, also M1-powered Macs can run on iOS and iPad applications.

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