Apple and Epic Games War Takes A Sharp Turn

Apple and Epic Games have become an “Epic War” for sure. Day after day, something increasingly ridiculous is happening. As said in our earlier post, due to Apple threatening Epic Games to make their game paid, there is a war that has started between the tech giant and the gaming company.

Just yesterday, one ridiculous incident took place. I woke up in the morning and saw in the latest news that Epic Games has “dared” Apple to remove Fortnite from the App Store. They literally said, “We would not oblige by the rules that you have set for us. We dare you to do something about it.”

Just after 2 hours prior to that news, another headline flashes. “Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store.” Yes, Apple did it! It sounds so childish as if one child dares the other to do something and the other without thinking does it. Something as such, can only happen in some cases and Apple and Epic Game war is one of them.

Since the game has been removed from the App Store, the users who already had it downloaded can still play but they would not be able to download the updates. Epic Games usually rolls out the latest updates for Fortnite every now and then. Be it bug fixes, new season, perks, etc. But now, Apple users would be missing on that.

#FreeFortnite Cup

Now, Epic Games would be hosting the #FreeFortnite Cup. Instead of their usual seasonal tournaments that they hold, the company is naming it the Free Fortnite Cup. If you see the poster of this tournament, you will notice that Epic Games has directly targeted Apple by placing an Apple head on the Avatar.

This might seem like a small thing to many. But if seen deeply it is actually bigger than Epic Games. More companies are coming to testify against Apple’s so-called monopoly. The App Store does not allow in-app purchases for companies like Netflix and Spotify, hence Spotify too has revolted against Apple. All this started with Epic Games but this is sure to grow large. As mentioned in the last article, Microsoft might follow the footsteps of Epic Games. Till now there are no updates on that but, since Netflix and Spotify have done that, it is more likely that they would come forward too.

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