Anker Soundcore Life P3 TWS Earbuds launched featuring 6 mics and 35 hours of playback time

Anker has launched its new Soundcore Life P3 earbuds in the United Kingdom with addition of some new remarkable features in the earbuds really makes them the true successors of the previous earbuds. The new earbuds are the sequel of the Life P2 earbuds, launched last year.

Anker Soundcore Life P3 earbuds are available in the UK and are open for pre-booking at the company’s website. However, the earbuds will go on sale in July 2021. Anker is releasing the earbuds in five different colour variants, red, pink, dark blue, light blue and black.

The earbuds star an active noise cancellation feature and come with 6 microphones to perform the voice cancellations feature. The device sports SoundCore’s noise deduction algorithm which helps in delivering quality sound by cancelling unwanted background voices. It features IPX5 waterproofing which protects the buds from sweat and dirt. 

The SoundCore Life P3 earbuds are composed of an 11mm driver which is quite impressive. The buds also feature the BassUp technology which enhances the sound qualify for a greater experience. Also, to halt undesirable background noises the earbuds comes with a “Multi-mode” feature. The buds have different indoor, outdoor and transport mode which can be altered by different noise cancellation settings. 

For gaming and stuff, the earbuds come with a “Gaming mode” which enhances the various in-game sounds like a footstep, gunshots, etc., to improve your gaming experience. It also features sleep mode. Similar to the Apple AirPods, the Life P3 earbuds also sports a “find my earbuds” feature. 

Talking about the running life of earbuds, the Life P3 earbuds can perform an impressive 7 hours of listening on a single charge. The total listing hours of the earbuds combined with the case is about 35 hours, even when the AVC mode is enabled. The earbuds can be charged either wireless or by a Type-C USB charger. 

Talking about the price of earbuds, they cost £ 79.99 (approximately Rs. 8,200) in the UK, which is quite lower as compared to other earbuds having the active noise cancellation feature.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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