Android 12 will let you opt out of being tracked by Apps

Google and Apple are always seen to be being competitive to each other. And this rivalry comes to be good for both their users and them as they keep innovating and providing new user-friendly policies. Recently, Google has announced that it will let its Android 12 users opt-out of tracking by advertisers on their device application. The same policy has been introduced by Google’s biggest rival Apple Inc in the past.

This “opt-out” policy of Google will allow its android smartphone users to accept or decline whether to allow the advertising companies to see their unique Advertising ID. 

Earlier, advertising companies were able to track this unique ID and get data of what user is showing interest on different apps. Thus, they were able to show the ads of the user’s interest.

In Apple’s policy for advertising data, advertising companies are forbidden to see the user’s unique advertising ID by default. First, Apple introduced the App Tracking Limit with iOS 14 and then improvised it in iOS 14.5 such that users directly denied permission to unwanted apps in order to limit their activities and data tracking.

Bloom Berg, a financial news company, reported that Google has been working on improving user’s advertising policy to provide them better control over ad tracking, for months now.

Google is also working on developing a user safety section in its Play Store. It will allow the users to know what information and data developers are storing and sharing about them. It will also lead to security and privacy information. This addition to Google Play Store is supposed to come in 2022.

Google aka the Alphabet Inc. reported that the new “opt-out” tracking policy will be introduced in late 2021 along with a Google Play service update.

As most of the users don’t like their data being tracked, they’ll not allow advertising companies to store and share their data. This seems to cause a loss in revenue for the developers.

Google further stated that only Android 12 running devices will go through this policy after the Play Service update in late 2021. And the policy will be applied to other Android devices in early 2022.

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Yuvraj Singh


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