Android 12 can show the duration of the current call in status bar

The UI in Android 12 has been completely refurbished with the second version of its beta, but Google is still tweaking the details. Beta 2 has brought changes in key features of the Android 12. For instance, shown at Google I/O 2021 the Google’s new Privacy dashboard is now fully operational in the second version of Android 12 Beta, and now it is possible to display call length in status bar.

With an indication in the status bar, the Android 12 Beta version 2 makes it easy to keep track of the length of the current call, which began trickling out to Pixels last week. When you leave a phone app, it usually displays a notice that indicates the duration of the call and may be touched to swiftly return to the app. That option is still available, but you must first open the notification shade.

This step will be avoided by Android 12 in Beta 2 as it will include a chip in the status bar that displays the call’s duration. In Material Design, the term “chip” refers to basic pill-shaped UI components. Chips may usually be touched to initiate a specific activity, and this is the instance here as well. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and other Third-party apps like them will presumably be able to use a chip to display call length and trigger a custom action when the chip is pressed. One may not be able to test out the new functionality because it isn’t supported by the existing Google Dialer app.

The upper mentioned chip was generated using a custom Magisk/Xposed module by developer kdrag0n, which was used to test the new features in Android 12. Kdrag0n used the new Notification.CallStyle in the Android 12 extensions app to test this functionality.

Once Google upgrades the Google Phone app, the calling chip should be available to all Android 12 Beta 2 users. Because as previously stated, the Android 12 Beta 2 already includes the new call chip.

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