Android 12 Beta 2 has been released by Google – What’s new?

The Android 12 beta 2 was released today by Google. Soon after its first beta, which debuted at Google’s I/O conference in May, which gave us glimpses of Google’s new “Material You” design system, although the first beta lacked many of the promised new features and design adjustments. Google is delivering additional Android 12 features to the testers in the beta 2. If users want to check out the features before they go live, they may sign up for the beta at

Developers should complete their compatibility testing and deliver compatible versions of their apps, SDKs, and libraries today, according to the corporation. Users must have a device that is compatible because they will need a suitable device before trying the beta out.

Google’s new privacy dashboard, which makes it easy for users to see which applications have recently used their microphone, camera, or location, is one of the new features in the current beta. Other improvements in the beta include microphone and camera indications that notify users if an app is utilizing either, as well as a new quick settings option to turn them off. Apps will get blank audio and video feeds if access is restricted. In addition, Google is introducing a clipboard read notification, which alerts users when an app is reading from the clipboard.

Google continues to improve Quick Settings in Android 12. The current active connections are displayed in a new “Internet” tile. It’s the typical Wi-Fi symbol and network name in this situation. When you tap, an Internet Panel appears, allowing you to instantly disconnect, check other Wi-Fi connections, and turn on/off your mobile network.

Apart from all these a new “GPay” tile has replaced “Cards & passes” in Quick Settings, with a tiny picture preview, and the Power menu and Account switcher are visible in the bottom row with the option to update QS and the Settings shortcut. Google is currently one release away from achieving platform stability in August with this release.

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