Among Us Update: New Hide and Seek Mode, New Map and Colors

The Airship map which showed up this year in April indicated what Innersloth is holding under its sleeves for the players. The Airship update was the biggest update to appear in the history of the game. The update itself had the biggest map but Innersloth even after its release kept teasing the world of the new map. In the Summer Game Fest, they revealed everything planned so far. The exotic Among Us update is going to be something worth killing or getting killed for. 

Innersloth did not give any clue on when the update might appear but they did say that new details will be shared shortly. So far we know that the preexisting number of players to come across in a game that is 10 players will be increased to 15. New colors like Banana, Coral, Rose, Maroon, Grey and Tan will appear. The update will also make the game vary in terms of graphic details, mobile controller and much more. 

There is also a statement on the arrival of a new map which will take a few months to come out as the same happened with the Airship map. There are not many details regarding the 5th map in the queue. The map is still getting updated and will be the 5th map after Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus and Airship. Innersloth shared some more details regarding the accomplishments that will be a part of the game like the killing of 5 crew members to unhook an achievement.

There will be members playing the roles of sheriffs, scientists in the game and also a Hide and Seek mode. The mode will reveal the identity of the imposters and the other crew members need to complete the tasks before being killed and cannot report dead bodies. Projection of cosmetics will also be there along with new skins and colors.

Among Us is going to be more exciting as there are so many fascinating things hoped to be a part of the game. It will be more of a task for you to survive in the game as an Imposter or a genuine crew member. Shhhhhhhh! Let’s see how you can monitor your survival instincts. 

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