Amazon replicates the Appstore similar to Microsoft, Apple and Google

Amazon came up with a new strategy to provide its small scale users with larger benefits, they will be investing less and reaping more. The fresh users of the Amazon services will have to spend minor for the Amazon Cloud services as per Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program. Amazon for investors who pay less than $1million of interest will enjoy various offers like Amazon Web Share credit options, reduced cloud infrastructure taxes and will also be enjoying larger fractions of revenue.

Amazon plans on crediting 20% of the revenue from the users which will later be delivered as a merit of Amazon Web Sharing. Offers worth 90% of revenue not in direct discounts but in form of offers will be provided to the uses at the beginning level. This promotional credit will be 90% and will be valid for 12 months from the starting date. 

The monthly earned credit by the AWS will be provided to the user only when they register their Amazon Appstore developer portal and the AWS Account ID. However, a total of 80/20 of the revenue share will be given to the amateur small scale developers as default on commencing of the program. Amazon says that this strategy will be beneficial for both investors and the company as the AWS promotional credits will make 200 services the app gives access to the small scale developers and the idea consequently will attract more like them.

This smart move by Amazon is different from that of Apple’s which was tagged as a monopoly. The requirements to enjoy the AWS are simple- developers who exceed the limit of $1 million in a year will not be able to enjoy the AWS promotional credit the next year and will have to pay revenue of 30% and those who observe a downfall in the revenue that is below $100 million will be eligible to enjoy the promotional credits next year.

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