Alpha testing for PUBG New State begins, will feature new battleground map – ‘Troi’

South Korean company Krafton is coming up with a new battle royale game called PUBG New State and as per several media reports, the alpha test for the game is going to start today itself. But Krafton has already given a glimpse to the players regarding the gameplay, new maps etc. through trailers and videos, giving an insight into what the game is going to look like.

The PUBG New State is based in the year 2051 and will feature new technologies in regards to the weapons and inventory like the combat vehicles, drones, rifles etc. This will definitely make this game different to what the users have experienced till now with the previous PUBG Mobile game. The publishing director of the PUBG games Studios, Brian Corrigan in a video statement said, “We’ve been blown away by the tremendous support and curiosity following the reveal of PUBG New State in February. We know you’re hungry for more details. Rest assured, we’re very excited to talk about all the new features and mechanics in New State.”   

The company has also released the trailer with the title ‘Field Trip to Troi – Episode 1 | PUBG: NEW STATE’ for the new exclusive battleground map called ‘Troi’ that has been introduced in the game. The trailer which has been set in the future in the year 2051 gives the players a look into the texture of the map with a brief history attached to it which states that the prosperous city of Troi turns into a barren land and is now a battleground field.

Regarding the Troi map, Brian Corrigan said, “A brand new, massive, futuristic, 8×8 map, built from the ground-up, utilizing groundbreaking lighting and rendering technology developed in-house that raises the bar for graphics and performance across the mobile space. So, without further ado, let’s begin our Field Trip into Troi, and gather some intel to give you the competive edge on the locations you’ll soon be fighting over”, giving further insight into the specifications of the map.

The new map will feature several locations like the exhibit hall, the mall, the laboratory, the trailer park and the gameplay. As of the gameplay, it is somewhat similar to the traditional PUBG Mobile version with the struggle for being the last man standing among 100 players fighting in battleground that is shrinking with time. But it is to be noted that the new game will certainly feature better graphics and will also provide seamless gaming experience as compared to the PUBG Mobile. More details are expected to be released in the near future by Krafton regarding the features and specifications of the PUBG New State.

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