Airtel BlueJeans – New Secure Enterprise Grade Video Conferencing Application

Bharti Airtel Limited, AKA Airtel, is an Indian second biggest telecommunications service company in-terms of subscribers and the company that is based in New Delhi. It has come up with their very own new video calling platform named Airtel BlueJeans to counter the most debated app Zoom (in terms of security) and recently launched JioMeet. Within ten days of the launch of JioMeet, Airtel came up with this.  

The company has promised to provide simple, reliable, and trusted solutions with enterprise security, which is a good marketing strategy, as security concerns are a hot topic in today’s time. Companies of all sizes needed a safe, secure video conferencing solution for meetings in this lock-down period. This launch can prove a big success within some days if Airtel keeps its promises regarding security concerns. It is also providing it for free for 3 months after which a competitive price can be charged. Airtel claims that to get this feature enterprise will need to register on Airtel’s website and then the trial will be activated within 24hrs. With this Airtel is trying to make its digital debut in the same way as Jio is trying since lock-down.  

Airtel BlueJeans

Airtel has partnered with global telecom giant Verizon for this new video conferencing app. As for now, this is only available for enterprises but soon it will be available for customers too. The company says it is working on new models to test this application for small businesses and home offices.

Features of this new video conferencing application: –

  • The platform can accommodate 50,000 attendees and is user-friendly with an easy to use interface.
  • It will provide an integrated audio solution, which will give enterprises convenient dial-in options to join the meetings.
  • It can be accessed from both smartphone and desktop, browser, and conference rooms.
  • One of the most interesting features which the company claims to give is AES-256 GCM encryption, the most secure conferencing application and two step-authentication.
  • For privacy concerns it will also include meeting lock, secure transmission and storage, participant passcodes, fraud detection.
  • It includes a cloud point of presence in India which will enable low latency and improved quality of service.
  • Other features include Airtel Audio Bridge, screen sharing, Dolby Voice, and HD video.

Competitors which Airtel BlueJeans will have to surpass to become profitable and popular:

  • JioMeet
  • Google Meet
  • Cisco’s WebX
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams.

The pricing will be divided in three different packs for:

  • Large enterprises
  • Medium enterprises
  • Small enterprises

Since Jio has launched JioMeet a few days ahead of Airtel BlueJeans, comparison between the two is unavoidable among consumers. But the main thing to be noticed is customer base. The targeted market for both the companies is quite different. On one hand JioMeet is available to all users and most suited to individual groups and on the other hand Airtel BlueJeans gave emphasis on enterprises. And JioMeet is free for all users and Airtel has planned to charge a competitive price after three months of free trial. Airtel plans to set a benchmark with its high levels of security and ease of use. It will be quite interesting to see the competition and marketing strategies of both the companies in coming days.

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