AirPods Studio Features that you must know

Apple will launch officially AirPods Studio later this year and Tech Aedgar has collected all the exclusive details and leaks about the “Airpods Studio“. Airpods Studio will feature head and neck detection, custom equalizer settings and more.

In the normal Airpods or Airpods Pro there is a feature that provide ear detection, if we remove Airpods from ear then it will automatically pause the song. But in AirPods Studio it will word differently, it will sense head and neck. If headphone remove from head and set on neck then it will automatically pause the song or whatever you are playing. And if headphone set back to head it will automatically resume the song.

AirPods Studio

The Ear Sensor automatically detect left or right ears to route the audio channel. If you wear wrong side of headphone it does not affect on audio channel.

AirPodsStudio will also feature Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode and user also switch between those two modes. AirpodsStudio is for professional users like Music Creators and Gamer. If user will pair headphone with IOS or MacOS, it will automatically unlock custom equalizer setting.

Custom Equalizer will allow Low, Medium, and High adjustable frequency. According to some reports Apple will launch AirPodsStudio with two variants Leather Fabrics and some Lighter Material design. Rumors says that it will cost $349.

What is your opinion on this new upcoming Airpods Studio ? Do comment below and content credit goes to 9to5mac.

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