After Stories, Instagram Reels will also be demonstrating ads globally

To promote business on the social networking platform, Instagram powered by Facebook will now have reels of ads to ensure that the brand reaches the sight of viewers. Instagram in an official blog post shares the new option where reels can be used by brands and artists to promote their content. This new feature called ads for reel will be similar to the ads for stories. The testing of this new ads for reels feature was done in a few countries or a couple of months and now finally Facebook is launching this successful aspect globally.

Instagram wanted to do something for business owners and creators for a long time and finally, they presented ads for reels. Instagram craves to see how it turns up and how the users make use of it. The feature is much like the ads for stories feature, reels are generally made up for 30 seconds and similarly, these ads-related reels will be created. 

The ad-based reels will be vertical and will cover the full screen just like we glance at the story ads but stories cannot be liked, so now we have ads for reels where viewers can like, share and comment on these business-related reels. These reels will be found everywhere like on the feed of the user, Explore column, Reel Tab and also on the stories. Taping on any of these advertisement reels will take the user to a realm where only reels pop up and can be shifted vertically.

What if you want to skip these reels? That is the question you might want answered to keep your Instagram smooth and as-free that Facebook in its blog post wrote that users will be easily able to manage these ads. Just like any usual ad user will be able to skip the ad and if they do not like the ad they can hide or report it for smooth surfing on the social media site.

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