Adobe After Effects 2020: What all it has to offer?

Yay! Its Adobe time, which means we are going to get a lot of interesting features. We know it’s been a while since this great software showed up with new amazing stuff, but now is the time. Yes, we are talking about new Adobe After Effects 2020 (Version 17). Well, whenever you think about making your video entrancing and eye-catching, the first software that must cross your mind is definitely Adobe, doesn’t it?

So without stretching it further, let us directly take you to its amazing features:

Now you have Concentric Shape Repeaters

Now you can create copies of the path radiating outwards as well as inwards by using Offset Path Shape effect. So all the videomakers out there, get ready to create the amazing backgrounds with a touch of retro vibes.

It’s Faster and Stable

No doubt the programmers have given the priority to speed and stability this time. This amazing software is surely more user friendly now, allowing you to create your masterpiece faster than ever. The major example of this feature is Preview Playback Optimization. Wondering how? It creates RAM preview for your project expedient, and this is not it. Once done, you can have the benefit of playing back your project in real-time while you are still interacting with the user interface. Also, while using Shape Layers, you will see a number of expressions pacing up speedily.

Adobe After Effects 2020

Explore the Drop-Down Menu

This feature is actually a MASTERPIECE. Whichever drop-down menu you choose on the timeline, it’s going to take you to the Essential Graphic Panel making it easier for you to build a template or changing the values. So basically this new drop down feature has replaced the use of sliders to switch between settings. Also, you can rename these menu options as per your wish. How convenient!

The New Content Aware Fill Feature

We can say this new content aware feature has changed the dimensions of after effects for good. With this new feature, you can do some great things with your videos, which you have been doing with still images until now. Wondering what do we mean by “great things”? Well, you can simply remove an object from your screen and the background, leaving that object completely disappeared. Using this feature will help Adobe After Effects 2020 to give you amazing results for your clip.

If you’re really into “Expressions”, this feature is for you

This feature allows you to access text property parameters through Expressions. Grabbing parameters from one text layer to another has become super lucid with this feature. It has now become so easy to reproduce complex text effects. Just WOW!

Adobe has done something with Shape Layers too

Just with a right-click, or a keyboard shortcut, you can now group a bundle of shape layers together. No, we are not done yet; you can simply ungroup these shape layers with a right-click AGAIN. Much more convenience than you ever had, no?

We know we have to dig in more to get everything out from this version of Adobe After Effects 2020 but we clearly mentioned every important feature you needed to know. It took quite a few years to get these amazing features, anyway, better late than never!

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