Access Dots app brings camera and mic indicators in Android

Privacy and date safety has been a growing issue among mobile users and
smartphone manufacturers, who try to address users’ privacy concerns. While
reports of various apps like Facebook, TikTok spying on users have been growing
common more regularly in the present day, not much has been done to address or reassure the users and alert them by mobile manufacturers. Well, at least not
until now. What’s changed you ask? If you are looking for an Android app that indicates your system access then Access Dots is perfect for you.

Well, Apple introduced a new feature in the iOS 14 update, light indicators
to alert users whenever any app accesses the camera or microphone in the
background. iOS is known to take privacy issues very seriously and strives to
protect the same. And iOS 14 is no different. This one update shoots down
users’ worries about apps snooping and spying on their camera or mic without
their knowledge.

Access Dots Android

An orange dot for the microphone and a green dot (similar to the one on cameras being used on Macs) for the front and rear cameras light up alerting users when in use. These dots are generally visible on the top right of the screen. This way Apple users can be happy knowing they are not being snooped on. While that is a great news for iOS users, the sad part is that this feature is not yet available for their Android counterparts yet. However, there’s a silver lining too.

Access Dots for Android

Access Dots is an app developed by XDA Recognized Developer jagan2 that is here to give Android users what they will be otherwise missing out on. That’s right, now even Android users can get alerts whenever the microphone or camera is being used.

It’s developed in India and is a free and easy to use application. While it requires some permissions to be used, it doesn’t itself access the microphone and camera. Similar to the iOS counterpart, an orange light indicates the usage of mic, a green dot alerts camera usage. It even features customizations in the form of changing the colour of the dots, location of the dots and resizing them, but some features come as a paid option for nominal charges.

Access Dots Android

What’s more is that it will work on all Android 7.0 Nougat and above devices. It is to be noted that if the app is stopped in the background by the system, the phone needs to be restarted to activate Access Dots again. It can be viewed even on the lock screen and has a very minimalistic user interface. The app is available for free download on the Google Play Store at the moment!

Surely this app, Access Dots, brings to Android users one of the best iOS 14 features, and puts to rest users’ worries about being spied on by other application software. Data privacy concerns are growing exponentially as days go by, but this is a step in the right direction to address those worries. It is encouraged that users remain mindful about the permissions that they grant to the apps that they use and remain aware. So, go ahead and try this out this app and rest assured, keep
your data safe.

Download Access Dots App – Click

Deepanjan Datta

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